Bollywood versus Hollywood

08/16/2014 12:53
When it comes to Bollwood vs Hollywood , there is no real comparison . Infact , there are only reasons why Bollywood is not as good as Hollywood . Such is the dire state of bollywood in today’s times , and it only seems to be getting worse by the day . 
India is the largest producer of films in the world in terms of its number of movies in several languages The largest film industry in India is the Hindi film industry known as the Bollywood which is based in Mumbai. Hollywood is the American film industry, the main centre of which is Los Angeles, California. 
Bollywood has not and does not always produce bad movies , but more often than not , the level of films in this industry is a shame if nothing else . Hollywood also has its fair share of poor films with trying to put too much into one movie and overcomplicate it  . The main reason this difference arises is because of the ignorance of bollywood directors and film makers to open their eyes and look away from movie themes such as third rate romance and cheap comedy . Technical aspects of a movie are not a relevant factor in Bollywood but in Hollywood , they aim to be as technically perfect as possible . Scripts , Direction , action , Romance and comedy are all considered to be equally essential in the field of Hollywood , while in Bollywood , getting a star cast and two item numbers from divas is the recipe of a 100+ crore movie.   Our team of film makers forget that cinema is the most powerful media and it can influence people significantly. Our Bollywood movies Reviews are lacking a sense of ethical or social element. They do not convey a new experience or a message to the people.  
As early as the 40’s and 50’s movies lke Citizen Kane , have such technical perfection brought out in them which cannot even be reproduced now by more than half of the bollywood industry so called specialists . Movies like Inception , Snatch and Shutter Island should be the level of brilliance that bollywood personalities should aim for , given that they wish to even understand them and what a story actually is .
However much the amount of criticism Bollywood faces , it has managed to pull off some magnificient movies at its level . Movies like Rang De Basanti , Udaan , Queen, Mr.India , Sholay  , and many more show how a simple plot if made with intelligence and passion , can make an impact and a difference on the level of cinema in India . Many Bollywood Actors are nowadays featuring in Hollywood films are super proud of that achievement which shows how far Bollywood is behind in every aspect of cinema than Hollywood . 
However , Bollywood has some bright elements like Anurag Kashyap , Aamir Khan , Ranbir kapoor and upcoming stars who promise a lot in the future and one day help bollywood reach the level Hollywood is at currently , if that isn’t too much to ask for .