Bollywood’s style diva Sonam Kapoor in Khoobsurat

09/11/2014 15:57
Disney is all set to blow the Indian audience off after joining hands with Indian actors for the first time with the movie Khoobsurat. The movie makers have simply taken an old masterpiece and added a little twist to it. Amidst all this it was noted that Disney is busy promoting Fawad more than Soonam Kapoor.  The page is a pretty active page with the admin of the page posting things mostly about Fawad.
The actress  introduces Cinderella along with her golden carriage and gives some more dainty poses – very princess like! She tweeted a photograph and said, “If you haven’t seen it yet!! My day at the #happiestplaceonearth.”
Bollywood’s style diva Sonam Kapoor, who’s eye catching  dressing sense has never failed to impress us, was recently spotted at Paris’s Disneyland. The stunning actress looked a perfect 10 in every way! Sonam, whose dressing sense, has never failed to impress was styled by her sister and co-producer of the film Khoobsurat, Rhea Kapoor sporting four looks at Disneyland. Sonam spent an entire day at Dineyland enjoying the company of her favourite Disney characters.
Born in 1981 at Lahore, Fawad spent his early life in Greece, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom, and returned to Pakistan when he was 12. And as he adds, adjusting to the new life in his own hometown was a bit difficult. "It was as difficult as it would be for anybody else. Since I had kept on visited different countries, I came back to Pakistan with varied experiences. So yes, I too had my own share of difficulties. But with time, I made friends. So now, I don't remember what happened during the first 11 years of my life. When I came back I was named a bargar bachha (the foreign returned kid)," he laughs.
And had Fawad not met his wife, he could have achieved his dream of becoming an astronaut. "Even as a kid I was very ambitious. My choices would often change. But after I completed High School, I decided to become an astronaut. Since I was determined about it, I had even applied for aeronautical engineering degree. But dropped the idea when I got to know I had to stay away from my family. I'm so very much attached to my family that I get home sick very easily. Since this was also the time I met my wife Sadaf, I wasn't convinced with the idea of traveling away from home," he adds.