Fawad Khan will be back on Zindagi with ‘Behadd’

09/01/2014 14:27
Fawad Khan or should we denote him as Zaroon Junaid of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, is back to entertain us with telefilm‘Behadd’, his latest offering on Zee TVs Zindagi channel.Fawad is making his Bollywood debut opposite Sonam Kapoor in Hindi-romantic comedy ‘Khoobsurat’, which is slated for September 19 release, but we will again get the foretaste of his charming personality onscreen with the blockbuster telefilm ‘Behadd’. 
Indian television’s new heartthrob from across the far border- Fawad Khan- who is all set to mesmerise his fans in India with his Bollywood debut ‘Khoobsurat’ with Sonam Kapoor, will be back on Zindagi with ‘Behadd’ on August 30.The actor who has charmed his way into our hearts with his natural acting and handsome looks as Zaroon Junaid in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ will entertain us with his role as the suave Jamal Ahmad aka Jo in the blockbuster telefilm ‘Behadd’. Tune into Zindagi on August 30th at 10:15 PM and get ready for the premium Hindi Entertainment Channel to premiere Fawad Khan ‘Behadd’ first time ever on Indian television. The telefilm, written by well-known author Umera Ahmed (‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ fame) will also have talented actresses Nadia Jamil and Sajjal Ali in central roles along with Fawad.
‘Behadd’ has a very intriguing and a heartwarming plot that revolves around the complexities and dynamics of a relationship between a mother and a daughter and how their love for each other becomes the ultimate cause of their heartache. Behadd is a story of three characters, Masooma (played by Nadia Jamil), her 15-year old daughter Maha (played by Sajjal Ali) and Masooma’s best friend’s brother Jo (enacted by Fawad Khan). After her husband’s death in a road accident, Masooma’s life revolves around her job and her young daughter. After some years, Jo returns to Pakistan and becomes a part of Masooma’s life once again.  While Masooma is happy to have an old friend around, she is pleasantly surprised to see Maha bond with Jo with great ease and comfort. Jo’s presence in their lives gives it a differnt meaning. For Masooma, Jo is her best friend’s brother but for Jo, Masooma is the woman he wants to marry. Things start changing when Jo proposes to Masooma and she decides to take Maha’s opinion about them getting married.  But Maha ends up doing certain things that crosses all the limits and all three lives change forever!
Speaking on this, Shailja Kejriwal, Chief Creative, Special Projects, said, “Behaddhas been highly lauded in Pakistan for its story and performances. The film has a progressive storyline that highlights the fact that there is a very thin line between selflessness and selfishness in love which if crossed can cause lot of heartache. It’ll be a pleasant surprise for Fawad Khan’s fans as he will be seen in a new avatar.”
Fawad Khan on his tele-film ‘Behadd’ exclaims, “’Behadd’ is an interesting story narrated beautifully by Pakistan’s renowned author Umera Ahmad and a great friend of mine, the director, Asim Raza. 
Tune in to the upcoming tele-film ‘Behadd’ on August 30th at 10:15 PM only on Zindagi!